About Me

Hello all, I am Dalton and I have been doing genealogy for the past six years. Ever since I was a young boy I was always fascinated about history and where my family came from. In January 2012 I started to get interested in genealogy and family history. I started a family tree on Ancestry and immediately got addicted to genealogy and have been doing almost every day since.

Both my paternal and maternal side have deep early southern roots and colonial roots in the United States. My last ancestor to cross the mighty Atlantic Ocean was in the 1830's and settled in Illinois. I have found great stories while doing research. I have broken down many brick walls that I have come across across the way and really into genetic genealogy. I have tested myself, three of my grandparents, one great aunt(paternal grandfather's sister) and I was even lucky enough to test a great grandparent. Having all these test has given me much insight on how my DNA matches are related and through which side of the family.

I would like to make a career out of genealogy, currently I am attending college to get my history degree. Over the next couple of years I plan on attending many genealogy conferences and institutes to become more knowledgeable to make a career out of genealogy.

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